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Female Young Adult


My name is CASHMERE – because I am SO pretty (my Foster Mum tells me!) with thick, thick gorgeous fur and a cute round face, and I was found living on the streets in Clovelly Park.   Many of my friends and relatives are being caught and taken away somewhere horrible and never seen again, but I was lucky because my mum rescued me from this, and tells me that because I am so beautiful, someone out there will want to take me home and love me and care for me forever.  

I’m quite a quiet but friendly girl and will happily just sit near you watching you and hoping you will approach me softly and give me head scratches, strokes and pats.   I just love these and I purr and purr and want more and more, and I nuzzle into your hand asking for this!

Initially I will be quite shy with you but when I get to know you and trust you (because I am still a little shy with strangers when we first meet), I will reward you with love and companionship for many years.

I am only about a year old or so and I do need company to flourish and become more outgoing my mum tells me, whether it might be another cat, dog or a human.   I would suit anyone except a noisy, boisterous young family my mum thinks.

All my vet work is all complete.

Please come and check out my beauty and gentle nature.

Interested in Cashmere?

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