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Female - Pre Adopt Kitten

Available for pre adoption.

Hello new family! I'm Zinnia, a spirited Female black kitten with white paws, chest, and adorable markings on my face. My date of birth is 23/10/23.

Feisty is my middle name! I absolutely love to play, and my favorite toys are anything that moves—fingers, toes, you name it! I have dangerous little claws that I'm not afraid to use during playtime, but don't worry, it's all in good fun. When I'm not zooming around or pouncing on toys, I'm ready to curl up for a quick catnap before the next adventure.

I'm on the hunt for an active and playful home that can keep up with my energy. If you're seeking a kitten who will turn every day into a playtime extravaganza, I'm the perfect match.

Playdates can be arranged at my foster home in Aldinga beach. I can’t wait to meet you!

Microchip and vaccination booked 14/12/23


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