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Volunteering is a tremendously satisfying experience that allows you to make a significant difference in the lives of many cats in need. You can make a direct contribution to the improvement of animal welfare in South Australia. You can develop new skills and knowledge that could help you land a better job in the future. You can either volunteer by helping the rescue any way (help with cleaning, events and adoption days) or by fostering a cat.

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Fostering cats helps other animals in need by freeing up space in shelters. Whether or whether a shelter is overcrowded, each cat and kitten in their care consumes time and money that could be saved if the animals were placed in foster homes.



You can help by clean cages/litter, give attention and care to animals in need. Just playing with homeless and cats can improve their chances of being adopted—as most families who want to adopt an animal are looking for a sociable, loving, playful or cat.

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