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Florence - Flo
Female Young Adult

(Flo for short)
-approx 1 year to 1.5 years
-Microchipped, wormed, vaccinated and desexed
-Located in Clovelly Park

Absolute angel. Flo is on the timid side and nothing much is known about her past. She takes a while to trust you and even then, at times she needs to retreat to her safe space. Flo likes to come to you for attention. Flo gives the best head butts and legs rubs and wraps her tail around you to show how happy she is its meal time. Flo likes belly rubs and has a loud purr when she's happy and content. Flo needed medication after her desexing procedure (standard) and never got aggressive or scratched anyone administering this. She's very gentle, elegant and a great mummy. Flo is very pretty with her 4 white socks and gorgeous darker and lighter grey makings. Her eyes are very bright yellow with a little pink nose. Reciprocates slow blinks. Needs a little help eating dry food at times but generally is a good girl eating a combination of both. LOVES kitty puree treats in the sticks.

Meet and greets welcomeand her foster home in Clovelly Park.

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