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Male - Pre Adopt Kitten

Introducing 3 little Beauties born 8/8/23!


We have 3 boys – PATCH, SOCKS & BREE born to Breelee on 8/8/23.

These 4 gorgeous kits will be available from 3/10/23 at 8 weeks of age, as PRE-ADOPTS but they can be viewed now at their Foster Mum’s home in Seaford and reserved from now onwards.

Their initial vet work and first vaccinations will be completed on 3/10 and desexing shortly afterwards, just as soon as they are big enough.

Mumma Breelee is feeding them on demand and they are growing healthy and strong due to Mum’s extremely quality diet, so that bodes well for their future health.

They have just found their legs and are learning to walk, getting stronger and stronger and soon will be enjoying playing with their toys, learning to climb and play with each other.

If you are interested in viewing them and perhaps picking one out for yourself, please message us!

Interested in Patch?

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