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Female Adult

Millie is 3 year old girl who is a very timid cat that requires a lot of attention. She will allow her foster mother to stroke her, but Millie holds back. She has been in care for over a year and it is time for her to find a loving home where she will be given the time she requires. She is part of a Foster to Adopt programme, which means that if you choose to take Millie on, you will long-term foster her with the intention of adopting her. She remains with you for a minimum of six months, during which time you treat her as if she were your cat. If you decide to adopt her, all you have to pay is the $15 microchip transfer charge.

She is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea/worm treated, socialised, and litter trained. It is required to be inside or in a house with a cat run.


Interested in Millie?

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