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Female Kitten

MIA - (Mimi for short)
-approx 13 weeks.
-Microchipped, wormed, vaccinated and desexed
-Located in Clovelly Park

Mia is an independent little girl. She is very brave to try all the new toys and explore new places first.

She's a quick little girl with a cheeky side often hiding and does butt wiggles before pouncing on her brother Wasabi to get him to play and chase her. They are best friends.

When mum and brother are cuddled up, Mia is very comfortable to go and sleep alone away from them. Mia will go from full play mode to suddenly asleep mode and can sleep in very strange positions. Mia will lean into chin rubs but is happy just being around you without too much fussiness as she is not a needy clingy lady.

Mia has gorgeous markings with a white belly and very pretty face. Mia needs a little help to eat dry food by mixing it in with her wet food. It would be great if a fur-ever home would consider double adoption with her brother Wasabi.

Meet and greets welcome at her foster home in Clovelly Park.

She is required to be inside or in a house with a cat run.

Interested in Mia?

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