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Female Kitten



This Short Haired beauty is growing to be a loveable, cuddly and cute little kit, with a rich diet of socialisation, feline friends and toys to play with - and of course, good food.

She and her siblings are probably of Oriental Shorthaired descent, having all the features of such breed of cat.   She is a lean, agile, intelligent and quite a slight but muscular black and white kitten with large pointed ears and almond shaped eyes.   Her fur is short and silky.   Resembling a Siamese kitten, she is extremely playful and social and loves to snuggle and take naps on your lap.   She is vocal too, constantly following you around and coming to you telling you she wants to be picked up and cuddled or played with!  She is a very playful kitten, loves climbing, playfighting or playing with toys that make a noise or sparkle.

She has taken a month to get to know and trust me, her Foster Mum and she will need that same patience from you too at first!    But I can promise you that she is becoming as trusting and as loving as her other more outgoing siblings as she gets more and more used to our large kitten household with lots of toys and entertaining friends.    When she does get to know you, she will adore being picked up, nuzzled, stroked gently and told what a gorgeous little kit she is!     She already tentatively comes up to me and sits on my lap for cuddles and responds to being stroked with purrs and nose rubs, writhing in absolute delight!    She needs a family with a little patience to give her this time.

She came from Hallett Cove with her 4 siblings as a stray little family and was born probably the end of September / beginning of October.  

She would suit any sort of family, especially one with young children to play with her if they were to take it slowly and gently, just at first.    Then she will blossom, as her beautiful siblings have done.   She very much needs companionship however as do all Oriental Shorthairs, and would not cope with being left alone for lengthy periods of time, or being an only feline in the household.  Another cat or dog companion would be lovely but she would not suit a household where her owners left her alone for periods of time whilst they were out at work for example.


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