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Cupid - Female



This Short Haired beauty was born around the end of September 2022, and is back with us for re-adoption due to her owner’s house being flooded and now unliveable and her previous owner needing to find emergency rental accommodation immediately and for quite some time.

She is probably of Oriental Shorthaired descent, having all the features of such breed of cat.   She is lean, agile, intelligent, muscular, mostly black, grey and white slightly tabby young cat with large pointed ears and almond shaped eyes.  Her fur is quite short and very silky, and she looks Oriental.   Resembling a Siamese young cat, she is playful and VERY, very social and loves to snuggle and sit on your lap, responding by snuggling, purring and writhing in delight!   She absolutely CRAVES human company and attention.

Initially she would be shy with someone new at first and hide for a few days, but her nature is that she is extremely loveable, cuddly and cute, having had a rich diet of socialisation, feline friends and toys to play with - and of course, good food.    She LOVES her food and is always looking forward to her next meal!   She came from Hallett Cove with her siblings initially as a stray little family and all were quickly adopted.

She was initially adopted as a bonded pair with her brother BLITZEN as he would have been lost without her, but he is now he is sufficiently socialised and adaptable for them both to be offered up for adoption on their own.

She very much needs companionship however, as do all Oriental Shorthairs, and would not cope with being left alone for lengthy periods of time, or being an only feline in the household unless her owner was usually at home most of the time.  Another cat or dog companion would be lovely but she would not suit a household where her owners left her alone for periods of time whilst they were out at work for example.   Ideally she would be matched with a boisterous, busy young family which is where she would thrive best.




All parasite treatment is up to date.

Interested in Cupid?

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