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Male - Adult

Meet Timmy! Available for adoption.

He is 10 years old. He is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.


Timmys owners had to surrender this gorgeous boy as they have moved interstate, and he would not have coped with the move and being in a cattery for a few months

He is a very loving and chatting boy, once he has settled into his new home and has lots of love to give. 

This is a note from his mum: 

He's just turned 10. He's an indoor cat, he uses his litter tray (he has a big, tall box as he doesn't fully squat to pee and as long as he has access to his litter tray doesn't have accidents. He used to have a hooded litter tray but jumped on the roof and bust it as he's a chonk!

Timmy is mainly on indoor cat/urinary care as it suits him best with his anxiety.... he does enjoy some tinned food and raw pet meat mixes, (he prefers the meat cooked tho as he's precious, he loves cooked chicken)

Her adoption fee is only $50

He is located in a foster home in Bridgewater.

Interested in Timmy?

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