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Female Junior

Introducing the beautiful FIEFIE!

2 weeks ago we had FiFi – and now we have FieFie

Here we go again, a similarly beautiful young cat as FiFi  (who was lucky enough to go to her furever home last week) – and still really a kitten at just 8 months old, and with similar circumstances! 


What more could anyone wish for???

This beautiful girl we think was born just 8 months ago and was already pregnant when rescued by us.   She miscarried last week at which point we did all her vet work, so she is now available for adoption.    She has obviously been someone’s pet and then just abandoned – how very, very sad - again.

She is a really beautiful softly coloured grey tortie, a really attractive DSH girl.

She is the most friendly, loveable lap cat you could possibly wish for!   She is used to other cats – but as always, it may take a period of adjustment.    We are unsure if she has been exposed to dogs, but she probably has been, being a street cat.

Being young she will be extremely adaptable and would be perfect in a home with young children, older children or just one or two in the family.    She is extremely sociable and our feeling is, that she would benefit from either another animal being in the household for her to play or interact with, or someone being around a lot of the time.   We do not think she will cope being left alone for long periods of time. 

Could that family be YOURS ???

All her parasite treatment is up to date, she will need a booster vaccination in a month then nothing further until November 2024.

As always, we require that she be an indoor cat only, which is only fair to both her and the native wildlife in Australia.

Her Adoption Fee is only $150 and she can be viewed at her Foster home in Seaford.

Interested in Fiefie?

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