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Male - Kitten


He is gorgeous in every way.   He and his brother FRITZ, born in February this year, are a couple of friendly, nuzzling PURR BABIES!   They are black and white, DSH boys, and are fully vaccinated, microchipped & de-sexed and their parasite treatment is up to date.   They are READY TO GO, with no further vet work for a year!

They are THE BEST cuddly lap cats!    In between playing together, climbing their cat tower, chasing sparkly toys and eating (They LOVE their food!), they just like being around people.   They like nothing better than to nuzzle around your head if you sit level with their cat tower, shower you with kisses if you hold them close, and just play with them if they aren’t sitting on your lap!

They are quite big for their age, very healthy having been fed premium cat food whilst in foster - which bodes really well for their future health.

You can meet them either in their foster home in Sellicks this week, or later they will be in Seaford.   If you do decide to meet one or either of them, bring a crate because you will be blown away with their personalities and likely to fall in love with one or both immediately!   They aren’t fazed by change either and will become your Best Friend within minutes!

They are inside cats only as are ALL our cats (we don’t want to lose them to road accidents or snakes – we love them too much!) and their adoption fee is just $200, or $350 for both (which nowhere near covers the costs we have incurred in saving these beauties).   Please check them out and choose – or maybe think about taking them both?   It’s not double the cost, but it is more than double the enjoyment and fun you will get from this pair!

Interested in Brie?

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